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Node.js Developer

Status: ongoing

20 000 – 29 000 PLN

(B2B or tax equivalent)

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By applying to this offer You hereby agree to processing your personal data by WCD Sp. z o.o., with its seat in Warsaw (02-958), at ul. Stanisława Kostki Potockiego 2 lok. 2, for the purpose of recruitment for the position listed in this job offer.

We are looking for masters of backend technologies on their way to fame and glory. We want a teammate who will partner with us in creating APIs for tailored websites and applications, not fearing taking part in development of the market leading, dozens of services based platforms.


  • lead development of large scale application microservices
  • creation of data processing algorithms
  • creating REST and GraphQL APIs

Required skills:

  • around 4 years of experience as Node.js Developer
  • excellent knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript
  • understanding of microservices and applications inner architecture
  • knowledge of Node.js specific concepts (e.g. file system, data handling, workers)
  • understanding and bond to the SOLID principles
  • great understanding of relational databases, ORMs and their bottlenecks
  • fluent usage of Git in teams
  • basic usage of Docker containers
  • enough courage to use regular expressions

Desired skills:

  • knowledgeable in:
    • NestJS framework
    • MikroORM and PostgreSQL
    • Apollo Platform
    • RxJS
  • experience with:
    • access control concepts
    • non-relational databases
    • multithreading
    • unit testing (e.g. Jest)
    • CI/CD
    • cloud based solutions
  • communicative English
  • communicative Polish

Recruitment process

Stage I – CV review

We review the documents you sent us. The HR department may contact you to complete your details and basic information.

Stage II – Remote interview

Once your application has been positively verified, we invite you to an online interview where we test your technical knowledge. We also check if you are a good fit for our team and make sure we meet your expectations.

Stage III – Possible test assignment

In selected situations, depending on the position you are applying for, we may ask you to complete a short test task. The task should not take you more than 2 hours to complete.

Stage IV – Final decision

Once a final decision has been made, we will contact you by phone to confirm your terms of employment. Congratulations and welcome to the Team!

The entire recruitment process takes place online and can take between one and three weeks depending on the number of applications.

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We are
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We are
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Continuous growth


You can spend one day total of your weekly work time for your individual growth.


We care about your ease of communication with our international Clients.
Take advantage of sponsored, individual lessons in a dedicated language
school, with a variety of professional lectors, native speakers included!

Self-development Fridays, English lessons


Broaden your horizons with sponsored industry related training courses, books and workshops of your choice.


Learn from others and share your knowledge and experience during internal meetups, presentations and unrestricted access to resource materials.

Development budget, Knowledge-sharing

Clear career path

Plan your future. We make it easy for you with transparent salary scales, clear requirements and a periodic evaluation where we confirm your progress and agree on your next development goals.

Choose your own benefits. Every month we replenish your funds, and you can decide what to spend them on. There are many optional perks which you can choose, such as private medical care and a sports card.
Paid break
We value work-life balance. We offer you 20 days of paid vacation per year.
Flexible working hours
The start and end of your work day is up to you. Core hours are between 10 am and 3 pm.
Remote work
Choose what suits you best – working from home, from the office or hybrid.
Top-quality equipment
Choose your work device among top-of-the-line equipment offers. Pick what suits your needs best and replace it every two years to keep it up-to-date. You will be offered a buyback option of your previous device at a considerable discount.
Project bonuses
We appreciate your commitment and contribution to the company by sharing our joint successes with you.
Referral program
Do you know someone who would be a perfect addition to our team? Let us know! You will receive a bonus for successfully referring a candidate.
We celebrate important events together – company “birthdays”, employee anniversaries, and more.